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AgileSeller is a suite of comprehensive and easy to use tools for Amazon, eBay, Shoipfy, and Newegg selllers. With the help of our intelligent system, you can
track sales, product rankings at real-time, maximize profitability, and build the best selling products.
It is all at your fingertips!


Real-Time Data and Monitoring

AgileSeller uses leading technology to track real-time SKU based sales data, pricing, FBA stock status, and more. Historical data are permanently stored and can be accessed at any time.


Comprehensive and Dynamic Analysis

AgileSeller conducts continuous dynamic analysis and provides real-time feedback to sellers. The highly intelligent tools not only tracks and analyzes your products and sales, but also competitors'.


Actionable Strategies with Automation

AgileSeller develops actionable strategies based on its carefully engineered tracking and analysis system. The highly automated system helps sellers to achieve a better growth rate, build the top-ranked product, win the buy box at all time, and maximize the profitability.

The All-In-One Solution

AgileSeller can manage global Amazon marketplaces, including North America and Europe.
Managing and monitoring all marketplaces in a single place has never been easier.

Global Marketplaces Management

You can connect global Amazon marketplaces to one AgileSeller account. Switching between different marketplaces just needs one simple click.

Personalized Notification

You can manage what, when and how to be notified.

Multi-User Management

User management gives you the most control of your account with the highest level of security.


Real-Time and Historical Sales Information

AgileSeller intelligent system automatically and continuously tracks live sales, inventory data.

You will get instant feedback about your products sales, stock level, and along with the comparison to historical data and competitor data.


Real-Time Sales and Stock

AgileSeller automatically updates the SKU and ASIN based sales data and FBA inventory status every 5 minutes. All data are stored permanently and analyzed automatically.


Historical Sales and Ranking

AgileSeller system automatically pulls and stores historical sales data and compares to the real-time data.


Integrated Multi-Channel Inventory Management

AgileSeller intelligent tools allow you to manage inventory at corporation level with inventory sold on multiple channels computed into one integrated platform for your inventory purchasing management.

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